Brand Advocacy

Brand advocacy is the social alchemy of turning your relationships into strategic partnerships that promote word-of-mouth marketing and augment brand visibility. 92% of consumers trust their friends and family more than ads and make purchases based on recommendations, rather than billboards.

Identifying your niche influencers and brand advocates can help you expand reach, tap into new markets, drive referral traffic, build trust, and of course, benefit from authentic recommendations. Think of them as celebrity endorsers without the pocket pinch and additionally with more credibility and relevance to aid in brand recall.

However, it all depends on how you manage and nurture your passionate evangelists with the right kind of engagement. Here's how Pi team can help you reap the long term rewards of brand advocacy and influencer marketing campaigns:

  • Identify, connect to, and prioritise influencers on the basis of reach, relevance, and resonance
  • Recognise and engage existing, potential brand advocates in your fan club
  • Amplify your content strategy with influencer marketing
  • Incentivise and influence your key influencers
  • Regularly curate high quality, user generated content
  • Build credibility, promote word-of-mouth marketing and create authentic engagement
  • Quality link building and ORM (Online Reputation Management)
  • Short-list tools, strategies, metrics for successful influencer outreach campaigns
  • Increase online mentions, promote positive brand sentiment, influence purchasing decisions

Talk to us to find out how some of our brand advocacy campaigns helped our clients achieve measurable social media exposure and significantly cut down on media buys, as well as other marketing investments.

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